Carbon Emissions Transparency: The Key to Sustainable Innovation in IT Sustainability – A Think Tank Perspective

Sustainability is becoming increasingly important for businesses, but many struggle to demonstrate their sustainability efforts to partners, customers, and stakeholders. Sustainable innovation can help CIOs and IT leaders not only reduce carbon emissions but also showcase their sustainability success. Businesses are expected to meet environmental, social, and governance criteria to win new business and meet investor expectations. However, many businesses lack the means to report on their environmental impact, which can hinder their success. Consumers are influenced by a company’s transparency about its carbon footprint and environmental impact, but many businesses struggle to measure this. This can result in missed commercial opportunities and increased pressure on CIOs and IT leaders to embrace solutions that support sales, business development, and carbon emissions tracking. The Digital Supply Chain Hub provided by Digital Catapult helps businesses track and understand their carbon footprint, making it easier to share information with stakeholders and demonstrating the value of sustainable innovation. Tracking the right metrics, such as carbon emissions, energy consumption, and resource usage, is crucial for businesses to reduce their environmental impact and implement targeted sustainability strategies. However, accurately measuring these metrics can be challenging and requires sophisticated monitoring systems and collaboration across departments. Digital Catapult’s Eco-Meter uses advanced digital technologies to measure the carbon footprint of products in real-time, empowering businesses to make informed decisions and plan production processes with sustainability in mind. AI and data analytics can optimize energy efficiency and identify areas for improvement. Digital technologies have the potential to significantly reduce carbon emissions in various industries. Initiatives like the AI for decarbonisation virtual center for excellence (ADViCE) explore innovation opportunities for AI to address adoption barriers in high-carbon sectors. Sustainable innovation will continue to empower businesses and enhance sustainability across supply chains as organizations strive for net-zero emissions by 2050. The Eco-Meter and other sustainable innovations provide real-time insights to help businesses reduce emissions and improve sustainability practices.

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