APAC Generative AI Hindered by Informatica’s Assertion of Data Fragmentation

Data leaders in the Asia-Pacific region are actively pursuing the implementation of artificial intelligence (AI), with a particular focus on generative AI. In a survey conducted by Informatica, it was found that 75% of respondents in India have already adopted generative AI.
However, APAC data leaders are facing challenges when it comes to managing data for AI. These challenges include data fragmentation, a growing number of data sources, data quality issues, and embedding robust data governance for AI.
Richard Scott, senior vice president of Asia-Pacific and Japan at Informatica, emphasized the importance of data literacy in supporting effective data management. He recommended establishing a strong cloud data architecture and focusing on people, processes, and technology.
The survey also revealed that reliable and consistent data for generative AI and improving data governance and processes are top priorities for APAC data leaders in 2024. This indicates a close connection between AI and data management.
Investment in data management capabilities is expected to increase in the region. 78% of APAC data leaders predicted an increase in their data investments in 2024, highlighting the importance they place on data management.
The survey identified several key data management capabilities in which regional investment is rising. Data privacy and protection ranked as the top capability, followed by data quality and observability, and data integration and engineering.
Data quality was identified as the biggest challenge to generative AI, with concerns around potential bias in APAC due to large language models. APAC data leaders also highlighted the importance of data literacy as a roadblock to better data management.
The number of data management tools in the region is growing, with two-thirds of APAC leaders stating that they will need five or more tools to support their priorities and manage their data estates.
Improving data governance and enabling data democratisation were named as top priorities for APAC data leaders. Vendors are responding to this demand by offering governance services and tools, as well as self-service data marketplaces.
Informatica’s Richard Scott advised data leaders to establish the right cloud architecture to support scale and to consider people, processes, and technology in their data management efforts. He emphasized the importance of getting cloud architecture right from the beginning and highlighted the cost and efficiency benefits of doing so. Scott also stressed the need for a holistic approach to data management, taking into account people, processes, and technology to avoid a fragmented and brittle environment.

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