AFP’s Involvement in Shutdown of Suspected myGov Phishing Kit Supplier and Security Measures

A collaborative effort between Australian, Malaysian and US authorities has resulted in the arrest of eight individuals suspected of involvement in the production of “phishing kits” designed to target online government services, including myGov.

AFP involved in shutdown of alleged myGov phishing kit supplier

The Australian Federal Police provided intelligence that contributed to the dismantling of the server infrastructure hosting the phishing kits.

Malaysian authorities carried out the arrests of the eight individuals involved in the operation.

According to authorities, the phishing kits “contained templates and scripts replicating government websites in Malaysia, Australia and the United States, and were being sold to cybercriminals to facilitate phishing attacks and obtain victims’ credentials.”

The hosting of these kits was based in a technology park in Malaysia, which was the target of a raid resulting in the seizure of hardware.

Investigators also confiscated more than 60 terabytes of data, including three servers and one network storage device, as part of the police operation.

Datuk Seri Ramli Mohamed Yoosuf, director of the Bukit Aman commercial crime investigation department, emphasized the importance of international cooperation in addressing technological challenges, citing the recent joint operation as an example of the effectiveness of such collaboration.

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