Acquire Essential Security and Risk Management Skills for a Meager $30

In a world where cyberthreats and cyberattacks are becoming increasingly common, it is crucial to develop strong security and risk management skills for the success of your business or career.

The 2023 CISSP Security & Risk Management Training Bundle, available for just $29.97 until January 1, offers the opportunity to develop valuable information security skills. With eight courses spanning 21 hours of lectures, this bundle covers both technical and managerial skills required by information security professionals.

The first course, CISSP (Domain 1): Security & Risk Management (Advanced), lays the foundation for all other domains by covering essential security concepts. The second course, CISSP (Domain 2): Asset Security (Advanced), focuses on protecting sensitive data, people, physical facilities, and equipment.

CISSP (Domain 3): Security Engineering (Advanced) delves into the engineering lifecycle, security components and models, as well as the role of cryptography in information security. CISSP (Domain 4): Communication & Network Security (Advanced) provides a deep understanding of network and communication security, fundamental concepts, and secure principles of network architecture.

CISSP (Domain 5): Identity & Access Management (Advanced) teaches effective design and engineering for overall security, verification procedures, testing methods, and dealing with potential attacks. CISSP (Domain 6): Security Assessment & Testing (Advanced) equips managers and security professionals with the skills to create, engineer, and maintain security programs for organizations.

CISSP (Domain 7): Security Operations (Advanced) focuses on real-world implementation of security concepts, including incident response, investigation, and disaster recovery. Lastly, CISSP (Domain 8): Security in the Software Development Life Cycle (Advanced) covers best practices for creating secure software systems using both emerging and existing technologies.

These courses are presented by Intellezy, a highly regarded e-learning platform known for helping students develop valuable skills. Students have given all the modules a perfect 5-star rating.

Take advantage of the limited-time offer and get The 2023 CISSP Security & Risk Management Training Bundle for $29.97 before January 1. Please note that prices and availability are subject to change.

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