2023’s Most Influential Technology and Ethics Stories: A Compilation of the Top 10

Computer Weekly’s coverage throughout 2023 continued to explore the intersection of technology and ethics. A major focus was on working conditions in the tech sector. This included examining the attempt by UK Apple workers to form a union and highlighting the challenges faced by digital gig workers who train and maintain AI systems. The coverage also delved into the ethical implications of AI, including algorithmic auditing, the military applications of AI, and its potentially unlawful use in Greek refugee camps. Interviews with AI critics were given significant attention to provide diverse perspectives. The publication also reported on calls from developers to break the monopolies of Apple and Google in the app store market, the UK government’s plans to monitor benefit claimants’ bank accounts, and the use of workplace monitoring technologies. The articles shed light on the issues and challenges surrounding these topics, aiming to promote awareness and discussion.

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