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Neftron theme

GS-tron (Neftron) is a cutting-edge NFT and Crypto Marketplace template, perfect for creating a digital marketplace using Reactjs. This template is mobile-friendly, SEO optimized, and highly customizable to suit any NFT or digital art platform. With GS-tron, you get 11 unique homepages and over 34 inner pages designed for usability and aesthetics. The template is built on Bootstrap 5 and eschews jQuery for modern tech solutions. Changing the look and feel is easy with CSS variables for colors and fonts. GS-tron is designed to be responsive, ensuring your marketplace looks great on any device. It includes beautiful blog layouts for news and updates, essential for community engagement. It boasts a vast collection of 7840+ Font Awesome icons to enhance visual appeal. Fonts like Manrope and Open Sans from Google Fonts are used to ensure readability. GS-tron offers a clean, professional design that's easy to customize and ready to deploy.

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WordPress SQLite

Introducing our revolutionary SQLite driver for WordPress, engineered to completely replace the traditional MySQL functionality. This driver streamlines your website's database management by utilizing the lightweight yet powerful SQLite database engine. With it, you can enjoy a simplified setup process, as SQLite doesn't require setting up a separate database server. Our driver ensures compatibility with existing WordPress features, offering seamless operation and a hassle-free user experience. It's an ideal solution for small to medium-sized WordPress sites, reducing the overhead and maintenance demands associated with MySQL. The transition to SQLite is smooth, maintaining the integrity and performance of your site. Data security is not compromised, as our driver employs robust encryption methods for database protection. It’s optimized for speed, enhancing the responsiveness of your website. Our SQLite driver is perfect for developers looking for an efficient and resource-friendly alternative to MySQL. Deploy WordPress sites faster and more securely with our comprehensive SQLite integration.


Introducing our latest WordPress plugin, designed to enhance the security and integrity of user validation through seamless phone verification. This plugin integrates with the reliable services of Zvonok.com, offering an easy and efficient way to confirm user identities. With just a few clicks, you can set up the plugin to require phone number verification for new registrations, ensuring that each account is linked to a real person. This process not only deters fraudulent activities but also streamlines user experience by automating the validation process. Users will receive a prompt verification code via SMS, which they must enter to complete their registration, thus confirming their authenticity. Our plugin supports various international phone formats and is designed to be user-friendly, offering a straightforward setup and customization options to fit your website's theme. Prioritize your website's security and user trust with our dependable phone verification plugin, powered by Zvonok.com.

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