Introducing our latest WordPress plugin, designed to enhance the security and integrity of user validation through seamless phone verification. This plugin integrates with the reliable services of Zvonok.com, offering an easy and efficient way to confirm user identities. With just a few clicks, you can set up the plugin to require phone number verification for new registrations, ensuring that each account is linked to a real person. This process not only deters fraudulent activities but also streamlines user experience by automating the validation process. Users will receive a prompt verification code via SMS, which they must enter to complete their registration, thus confirming their authenticity. Our plugin supports various international phone formats and is designed to be user-friendly, offering a straightforward setup and customization options to fit your website’s theme. Prioritize your website’s security and user trust with our dependable phone verification plugin, powered by Zvonok.com.




Take your WordPress website to new heights of security and user management with our robust phone verification plugin, leveraging the trusted capabilities of Zvonok.com. This plugin introduces a crucial layer of security to your user registration process by enforcing phone number validation, thereby significantly reducing the risk of spam and fraudulent accounts. Upon activation, the plugin seamlessly integrates into your site’s registration workflow. It prompts users for their phone number and automatically sends a verification code via SMS through the Zvonok.com service. This code is then required to be entered by the user to gain access or complete the registration process, ensuring that the user is legitimate and reachable. Customization is at the heart of our plugin’s design, allowing you to tailor the verification process to match your site’s unique needs. Whether it’s customizing the SMS message template, setting the code expiry time, or selecting specific user roles for validation, this plugin offers a range of options to fine-tune the verification experience. Moreover, our plugin is built with internationalization in mind, supporting a wide array of international phone numbers. It automatically detects and formats phone numbers based on the user’s location, making it a versatile tool for global websites. Not only does our plugin fortify your site against security threats, but it also simplifies the user journey. By automating the verification process, users are spared the hassle of manual account checks, leading to a smoother and more user-friendly registration experience. To ensure that you’re always up and running, our dedicated support team is ready to assist with any questions or issues. Plus, the plugin is regularly updated to keep up with the latest WordPress releases and security standards. Empower your WordPress site with our phone verification plugin and enjoy peace of mind knowing that every user is verified and validated, thanks to the reliable services of Zvonok.com.



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TriStar Logistics

For TriStar Logistics, we developed a tailored software suite that enhances their internal logistics operations. Our team crafted custom mobile applications to empower their staff with tools for managing logistics on the move. Desktop solutions provide comprehensive oversight for in-depth logistics coordination and planning. The suite features cutting-edge AI integration, streamlining TriStar's workflow with predictive analytics and route optimization. It's a full-range logistics toolkit, addressing everything from shipment tracking to inventory control. The desktop interface is designed for ease of use, allowing TriStar's team to harness powerful logistics management tools effectively. With mobile development, we've ensured that TriStar's logistics network remains at their fingertips, providing flexibility and real-time data access. Our AI tools are smartly woven into the suite, offering predictive insights that lead to better resource management. This bespoke software suite is an embodiment of our commitment to providing comprehensive, industry-specific solutions. We've equipped TriStar Logistics with the technology to excel in their logistical endeavors, driving efficiency and success.


We crafted a cutting-edge VR modeling solution for CosmicCanvas, a company specializing in precision design. Our solution allows for intricate part modeling within an immersive virtual reality environment, revolutionizing their design process. The VR interface is intuitively designed, making it easy for engineers and designers to manipulate and visualize complex components in 3D space. This interactive platform streamlines the prototyping phase, reducing time and costs associated with physical models. Our technology empowers CosmicCanvas to refine and test designs in a virtual setting before moving to production. Enhanced with realistic physics simulations, it offers a new level of accuracy in design. We ensured that our VR solution is scalable, supporting CosmicCanvas's growth and the increasing complexity of their projects. The result is a highly efficient, innovative design tool that propels CosmicCanvas to the forefront of their industry. Our commitment to delivering bespoke solutions is evident in the precision and quality of the VR modeling software we developed. CosmicCanvas now enjoys a competitive edge with a design process that's as limitless as their imagination.


"GreenKube" is a software program developed by GLOBUS.studio that automates the accounting of renewable energy sources. Utilizing machine learning, it accurately tracks and optimizes energy consumption. Commissioned by a client committed to sustainability, "GreenKube" is designed to be user-friendly with real-time energy usage reports and optimization recommendations. Its development is testament to GLOBUS.studio's commitment to creating powerful, innovative digital solutions that contribute to a sustainable future. If you have a project that could benefit from expert knowledge and advanced technology, the team at GLOBUS.studio is ready to assist.


For EdvantaLearn, we developed a comprehensive remote learning solution powered by our proprietary Davinci LMS. This integrated system includes an online platform, a student mobile app, a dedicated app for educators, and robust cloud service integration. Our solution facilitates seamless learning experiences, enabling students and teachers to interact and access resources effortlessly. The student app is designed for easy navigation and engagement, while the teacher app provides tools for monitoring progress and delivering content. Our platform supports a range of multimedia content, making lessons dynamic and interactive. Cloud integration ensures all data is securely stored and accessible, enhancing the collaborative learning process. With Davinci LMS, EdvantaLearn offers an advanced, scalable educational environment. It's a versatile system, adaptable to various educational needs and curriculums. We've empowered EdvantaLearn to deliver quality education remotely, ensuring that learning is uninterrupted, engaging, and accessible. Our commitment to advancing e-learning is evident in the tailored functionality and comprehensive nature of this solution.