For EdvantaLearn, we developed a comprehensive remote learning solution powered by our proprietary Davinci LMS. This integrated system includes an online platform, a student mobile app, a dedicated app for educators, and robust cloud service integration. Our solution facilitates seamless learning experiences, enabling students and teachers to interact and access resources effortlessly. The student app is designed for easy navigation and engagement, while the teacher app provides tools for monitoring progress and delivering content. Our platform supports a range of multimedia content, making lessons dynamic and interactive. Cloud integration ensures all data is securely stored and accessible, enhancing the collaborative learning process. With Davinci LMS, EdvantaLearn offers an advanced, scalable educational environment. It’s a versatile system, adaptable to various educational needs and curriculums. We’ve empowered EdvantaLearn to deliver quality education remotely, ensuring that learning is uninterrupted, engaging, and accessible. Our commitment to advancing e-learning is evident in the tailored functionality and comprehensive nature of this solution.


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EdvantaLearn approached us for a tailor-made remote learning solution, and we delivered with our state-of-the-art Davinci LMS. This end-to-end system is a blend of four key components: an interactive online platform, a user-friendly student mobile app, a comprehensive application for educators, and a powerful integration with cloud services. The online platform serves as the central hub for course materials, discussions, and assessments, designed to engage students in a virtual learning environment. The student app is crafted to keep learners connected and engaged, with easy access to course materials, schedules, and communication tools. It’s designed for today’s digital learner, providing a seamless, intuitive learning experience on the go. The educator app equips teachers with a suite of tools for creating content, grading assignments, and tracking student progress in real-time, facilitating a more personalized teaching approach. Our robust cloud integration ensures that all components of the Davinci LMS work harmoniously, offering real-time data synchronization and secure storage for all educational content. This allows for a dynamic, interactive learning experience where resources are always up-to-date and accessible. The system supports various multimedia formats, enabling educators to create rich, engaging content that caters to different learning styles. We understand the importance of scalability and flexibility in educational technology. As such, Davinci LMS is designed to grow and adapt to the evolving needs of EdvantaLearn. Whether expanding course offerings or integrating new tools, the platform is built to accommodate changes with minimal disruption. In developing this solution, we focused on creating an intuitive, comprehensive learning environment that simplifies the complexities of remote education. Our aim was to ensure that students remain engaged and motivated, while providing educators with the tools they need to deliver effective, impactful instruction. The result is a cohesive, efficient, and interactive learning system that positions EdvantaLearn at the forefront of digital education. With Davinci LMS, we’ve redefined what’s possible in remote learning, providing a platform that’s as educational as it is innovative. Our partnership with EdvantaLearn reflects our commitment to pushing the boundaries of e-learning technology, delivering solutions that meet the demands of modern education.



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In partnership with EdenHarvest, GLOBUS.studio developed a client-server software solution to monitor air quality and analyze CO2 emissions across a city. The software collects and processes real-time data, uses advanced machine learning for analysis and predictions, and features an intuitive interface for user-friendly navigation. High-level security measures ensure the safe handling of sensitive data. The successful implementation of the project underscores GLOBUS.studio's commitment to creating digital solutions that align with environmental sustainability. If you have a project idea that requires a blend of innovation and practicality, GLOBUS.studio is equipped to help transform it into reality.


"GreenKube" is a software program developed by GLOBUS.studio that automates the accounting of renewable energy sources. Utilizing machine learning, it accurately tracks and optimizes energy consumption. Commissioned by a client committed to sustainability, "GreenKube" is designed to be user-friendly with real-time energy usage reports and optimization recommendations. Its development is testament to GLOBUS.studio's commitment to creating powerful, innovative digital solutions that contribute to a sustainable future. If you have a project that could benefit from expert knowledge and advanced technology, the team at GLOBUS.studio is ready to assist.


We crafted a cutting-edge VR modeling solution for CosmicCanvas, a company specializing in precision design. Our solution allows for intricate part modeling within an immersive virtual reality environment, revolutionizing their design process. The VR interface is intuitively designed, making it easy for engineers and designers to manipulate and visualize complex components in 3D space. This interactive platform streamlines the prototyping phase, reducing time and costs associated with physical models. Our technology empowers CosmicCanvas to refine and test designs in a virtual setting before moving to production. Enhanced with realistic physics simulations, it offers a new level of accuracy in design. We ensured that our VR solution is scalable, supporting CosmicCanvas's growth and the increasing complexity of their projects. The result is a highly efficient, innovative design tool that propels CosmicCanvas to the forefront of their industry. Our commitment to delivering bespoke solutions is evident in the precision and quality of the VR modeling software we developed. CosmicCanvas now enjoys a competitive edge with a design process that's as limitless as their imagination.


"CarbonClever" is an innovative client-server software developed by GLOBUS.studio for monitoring air quality and analyzing CO2 emissions across various city locations. The software provides real-time data and leverages machine learning for accurate predictions. With its intuitive interface and top-tier security measures, "CarbonClever" stands as a testament to GLOBUS.studio's dedication to creating digital solutions that promote environmental protection. If you have a project that requires specialized knowledge and cutting-edge technology, GLOBUS.studio is ready to help. Our team can turn your innovative ideas into user-friendly digital solutions.