TriStar Logistics


TriStar Logistics

For TriStar Logistics, we developed a tailored software suite that enhances their internal logistics operations. Our team crafted custom mobile applications to empower their staff with tools for managing logistics on the move. Desktop solutions provide comprehensive oversight for in-depth logistics coordination and planning. The suite features cutting-edge AI integration, streamlining TriStar’s workflow with predictive analytics and route optimization. It’s a full-range logistics toolkit, addressing everything from shipment tracking to inventory control. The desktop interface is designed for ease of use, allowing TriStar’s team to harness powerful logistics management tools effectively. With mobile development, we’ve ensured that TriStar’s logistics network remains at their fingertips, providing flexibility and real-time data access. Our AI tools are smartly woven into the suite, offering predictive insights that lead to better resource management. This bespoke software suite is an embodiment of our commitment to providing comprehensive, industry-specific solutions. We’ve equipped TriStar Logistics with the technology to excel in their logistical endeavors, driving efficiency and success.




Our project for TriStar Logistics is a suite of custom-designed software tools created to streamline their internal logistics and operations. We delivered mobile applications tailored to enhance the logistics team’s agility, ensuring that management and staff have constant access to vital operational tools. The desktop applications we developed bring robust and strategic planning capabilities to TriStar’s fingertips, making logistics management both efficient and user-friendly. By integrating Artificial Intelligence, we’ve provided TriStar with the ability to optimize routes automatically, forecast logistics demands, and improve decision-making processes. The AI-driven components of the suite not only simplify complex tasks but also predict potential disruptions, facilitating a proactive approach to logistics management. Our software supports essential logistics functions, including real-time tracking of shipments, warehouse inventory management, and customer support systems. Each application within the suite is interconnected, ensuring that data flows seamlessly between mobile and desktop environments. The intuitive design of the desktop application consolidates logistics planning, while the mobile applications offer unmatched operational control on the go. Security was a top priority in our development process, ensuring that all of TriStar’s logistics data is safeguarded with the latest in cybersecurity measures. We also focused on creating a scalable solution that can grow with TriStar’s business, accommodating new logistics challenges and opportunities as they arise. The comprehensive analytics features within the suite deliver actionable insights through customizable reports and dashboards. These insights empower TriStar to make data-driven decisions that enhance efficiency and service delivery. Furthermore, collaboration tools are integrated throughout the software, promoting effective communication and teamwork within the logistics chain. In developing this software suite, we’ve leveraged our technical expertise to meet the specific needs of TriStar Logistics. Our commitment to creating specialized solutions has provided TriStar with a competitive edge in the logistics sector. With this suite, we’ve transformed TriStar’s logistics operations, offering them a blend of innovation, efficiency, and strategic control.



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Box2D Javascript

Bring your mobile platforms and business systems to life with our custom JavaScript port of the Box2D physics engine. Experience smooth and realistic physics in your 2D games, with objects that move and interact just like they would in the real world. Our engine supports everything from simple bouncing balls to complex mechanics like ragdoll physics. It's optimized for performance on mobile devices, ensuring fast, responsive gameplay. Design intricate puzzles or robust business simulations with ease. Our port makes it simpler to incorporate physics into your web-based projects. Collision detection is precise, enabling natural interactions within your digital environment. Customize the physical properties of objects to match your creative vision. This engine is the perfect tool for developers looking to add an extra dimension of realism to their games or business applications. Get ready to create more engaging and interactive experiences with our versatile JavaScript physics engine.


"BeeCoded" is a server platform developed by, designed to streamline the integration and management of game services. Built with scalability, security, and user-friendliness in mind, "BeeCoded" can handle high traffic volumes, protect user data, and grow with the client's gaming services. The project illustrates's expertise in creating tailored digital solutions that meet specific needs. If you're in need of a specialized digital solution,'s experienced team is ready to turn your concept into a user-friendly reality.


"GreenKube" is a software program developed by that automates the accounting of renewable energy sources. Utilizing machine learning, it accurately tracks and optimizes energy consumption. Commissioned by a client committed to sustainability, "GreenKube" is designed to be user-friendly with real-time energy usage reports and optimization recommendations. Its development is testament to's commitment to creating powerful, innovative digital solutions that contribute to a sustainable future. If you have a project that could benefit from expert knowledge and advanced technology, the team at is ready to assist.


We crafted a cutting-edge VR modeling solution for CosmicCanvas, a company specializing in precision design. Our solution allows for intricate part modeling within an immersive virtual reality environment, revolutionizing their design process. The VR interface is intuitively designed, making it easy for engineers and designers to manipulate and visualize complex components in 3D space. This interactive platform streamlines the prototyping phase, reducing time and costs associated with physical models. Our technology empowers CosmicCanvas to refine and test designs in a virtual setting before moving to production. Enhanced with realistic physics simulations, it offers a new level of accuracy in design. We ensured that our VR solution is scalable, supporting CosmicCanvas's growth and the increasing complexity of their projects. The result is a highly efficient, innovative design tool that propels CosmicCanvas to the forefront of their industry. Our commitment to delivering bespoke solutions is evident in the precision and quality of the VR modeling software we developed. CosmicCanvas now enjoys a competitive edge with a design process that's as limitless as their imagination.