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GS Time

GStime is a lightweight, feature-rich, and easy-to-use JavaScript library designed to simplify HTML document traversing, event handling, and manipulation of content, making it perfect for fast web development. It's a great choice if you're familiar with jQuery but are looking for a smaller library that offers the most commonly used features.

Async PHP Library

Bring modern asynchronous programming to PHP with the Async PHP Library, leveraging the capabilities of PHP fibers.

PHP Obfuscator

A simple and lightweight PHP code obfuscator to provide a basic layer of obfuscation.

SmartIP Detector

SmartIP-Detector is a robust PHP class designed to accurately determine the client's IP address, regardless of the environment. This solution is critical for applications requiring precise user location, ranging from security features like fraud detection to functionality enhancements.

CSS Minifier

CSS Minifier is a compact, simple, and experimental tool crafted in PHP, designed for minifying CSS files. It strategically removes all unnecessary characters from your CSS code without compromising its functionality. The result is faster style loading, reduced bandwidth consumption, and consequently, enhanced user experience and SEO performance.

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