About company

We are working since 2016

We have hundreds of small business card sites, portfolios, blogs, news sites in our track record. For several years, GLOBUS.studio specialists have carried out large-scale work on the STDS project, aimed at identifying users and filtering unwanted traffic. The STDS (or Antibot) kernel is a universal traffic distribution system based on more than 80 criteria, such as country, city, device type, referrer, operator, provider, connection type and many others. The main task that the system was solving was the task of blocking malicious traffic, detection of fake search engine bots, scrapers, grabbers and viruses, which create an unwanted load on the servers, which is especially important for cloud services with load rating. In addition to Antibot, we have our own ORM and CMS that work with all popular types of databases such as MySQL, SQlite, MongoDB, DynamoDB, PostgreSQL, MsSQL. Existing developments in the field of traffic processing and work with highly loaded systems became the impetus for the development of tracking systems and anti-fraud systems. Since 2019, we have been actively developing systems based on machine learning and computer vision. These methods are used to build content filtering and processing complexes using text-to-text transformers (GloBERT). The GLOBUS.studio team consists of specialists capable of solving any problems in the field of IT.

How we solve problems

We don't like templates. We are looking for a non-standard approach to each task, ensuring the highest possible performance and safety. We are supporters of minimalism in code and design. Anything that can be simple should be simple, not complex. What can be implemented concisely and clearly should be implemented only in this way, and nothing else. Each project should have documentation, even if it's just a business card site. The frameworks and wireframes that we use are either the most common, or as concise, fast and safe as possible. We do not reinvent the wheel, but strive to make our own frameworks and CMS as high-quality and user-friendly as possible.

What are we aiming for

Help each of our clients achieve success
Achieve maximum performance
Any project is multiply scalable (the concept of its own F3X framework)
Emphasis on high-quality accessibility of any project for mobile users
Where Data Science and Machine Learning can be applied - we apply without hesitation
Resiliency is not just another word in a commercial proposal

Advanced Technology

Our company uses a stack of the most advanced and demanded technologies on the market:

  • HTML, JS(ES6), CSS
  • Python, PHP7, Java, Kotlin
  • MySQL, MongoDB, OracleDB, SQlite
  • AWS, Azure
  • TensorFlow, OpenCV, NLP, Numpy
  • Docker, Kubernetes
  • Laravel, Fat-Free, Django, Svelte, Node.js, D3.js, W3.CSS, Bootstrap

Python, PHP7 (Laravel, Fat-Free, Django)


MySQL, MongoDB, OracleDB, SQlite

TensorFlow, OpenCV, NLP, Numpy

Svelte, Node.js, D3.js, W3.CSS, Bootstrap

AWS, Azure

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Our leaders

The specialists of the GLOBUS.studio campaign are always ready for daring challenges. We are a team of professionals

team member

Evgeny L.

Programming, system administration, technical analysis, software engineering


team member

Vladislav K.

Programming, software engineering

team member

Ilya A.

Design, layout, decoration, art

team member

Anjelica J.

Project Manager

team member

Andrey Shch.