Create PBN

Private Blog Network (PBN) is a private (private) network of sites used to optimize the link profile of the promoted site in order to increase its organic rankings Google search engine.

PBNs are extremely effective for site link promotion. Done correctly, satellite sites can transfer huge link power to the mainstream sites being promoted. There is little Google can do about these sites because the search engine algorithm uses the site's link profile as one of the main factors in the ranking of documents in organic search engine results, which makes the construction of PBN networks a highly effective promotion tool.

  • PBN personal network, from 5 to 500 sites
  • high privacy
  • link building , constant growth of positions of the main site
  • growth of donor positions
  • additional monetization (if necessary)
  • personal control of donor sites links
  • long-term result
  • auto filling with donor content, copywriting services
  • buy quality domains for donors