Behavioral factors

Behavioral factors are a collection of indicators of the behavior of site users that allow search engines to infer its quality.

The most important behavioral parameter is called CTR - snippet click-through rate in search results. It is calculated as the ratio of clicks on the site to all impressions in the SERP. If a resource is not in the first place for some request, but receives a lot of clicks without returning to the search results, this is a signal to the search engine about high relevance of the page. Search engines are interested in working as efficiently as possible and providing users with sites with useful information corresponding to their request. Therefore, search engines improve the position of projects with a high CTR so that other users can also get the necessary information.

  • work on the quality and completeness of the content
  • speed up website loading
  • usability improvement
  • improving the position of sites in the search results
  • social media promotion, targeted ads
  • increasing the CTR of the site in the search results
  • technical audit of the site and troubleshooting