Is Microsoft Planner Worth Using?

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Microsoft Planner is a task management and team collaboration tool that is included in the Microsoft 365 suite. It enables teams to visually create, assign, and track tasks and projects using a board-based interface, making it easy to organize work efficiently. Recently, Microsoft introduced Copilot in Planner to simplify planning, management, and execution using generative AI.

The tool’s key features include task management, multiple project views (Grid, Board, Timeline), task dependency, and reporting tools. Microsoft Planner’s design integrates seamlessly with other Microsoft 365 applications, providing an intuitive user experience. Some pros include multiple project tracking views, access to other Microsoft 365 apps, robust reporting tools with Power BI, and excellent team collaboration features.

While Microsoft Planner offers great functionality, some users may require more advanced features. Alternatives like Trello, Asana, and offer varying levels of customization, reporting capabilities, integrations, and ease of use. Trello is simple and customizable, Asana offers advanced project management features and integrations, while is comprehensive and highly customizable for businesses of all sizes.

To help users decide if Microsoft Planner is the right fit, a review methodology was utilized to evaluate its usability, customer testimonials, and comparisons with top competitors. With its user-friendly interface and integration with Microsoft 365, Microsoft Planner is a valuable tool for task management and team collaboration needs.

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